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Category Manager

Category Manager
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Model: EXT-CM
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Category Manager Category Manager Category Manager
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This extension will make your categories much easier to manage by allowing you interact with your categories as a directory tree -- with full and intuitive drag and drop functionality. In addition you can right click on a category to rename, delete, create, toggle status or edit in place. Reordering, restructuring and editing your categories has never been easier!

    Login: demo / demo

The demo store is automatically restored every 2 hours so please feel free to make any changes you wish in order to test the extension.



  • Comes with vQmod file for plug and play installation!
  • Select one or more categories then drag and drop to re-organize!
  • You can make several changes and then apply them only once you are finished. Never worry about your customer visiting your site in the middle of category   re-organization again!
  • Edit categories without leaving the page.
  • Double-click to open full details page in a pop-up dialog.
  • Right-click on a category to rename, delete, create new or enable/disable.
  • Use checkboxes to delete multiple categories.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for even easier editing. Just press "F2" to rename and "Del" to delete.

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