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eProcessingNetwork (EPN) Payment Gateway

eProcessingNetwork (EPN) Payment Gateway
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Model: EXT-EPN
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eProcessingNetwork (EPN) Payment Gateway
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This payment extension uses the Transparent Database Engine Template (TDBE) from eProcessingNetwork to process credit cards without the users having to leave your website.

Configuration Options

  • ePN Account #: This is the account number provided by eProcessingNetwork. Most likely consists of 7 numbers. This is NOT your Merchant ID number.
  • Restrict Key: You can find this by logging in to the eProcessingNetwork Merchant Support Center and choosing "Processing Control" from the dropdown. You can leave this field blank if you are not using this feature.
  • Transaction Server: Switches the transaction server from the live server to the eProcessingNetwork test server that will reflect the data you send to it back to your e-mail address so you can verify that the correct information is being sent to the servers before you switch to the live server.
  • Transaction Type: If set to "Test", the extension will set the card number to the ePN test account of "080880". By doing this, ePN will know that this is a test transaction.
  • Desired AVS Test Result: This is only used when the Transaction Type is set to "Test. In this case, you can force the AVS to return an Approved or Declined response so that you can test how the extension responds to these results.
  • Test E-Mail Recipient: This is only used whent he Transaction Server is set to "Test". In this case, this is the e-mail address you would like to receive the reflected data that was sent to eProcessingNetwork.
  • Order Status on Success: The order status you would like to set the order to once a transaction has been approved.
  • Geo Zone: The geo zones you you would like the eProcessingNetwork Payment Extension to be allowed in.
  • Status: Enable or Disable the payment extension.
  • Sort Order: Change the position that the payment extension appears in the payment options list.


eProcessingNetwork Merchant Support Center:

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