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Gift Vouchers Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers
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Model: EXT-GV
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Gift Vouchers Gift Vouchers Gift Vouchers Gift Vouchers Gift Vouchers
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This extension allows both the purchase and redemption of gift vouchers for your store. Basically it works like this:

  • You create a Gift Voucher product for your store, just as you would any other product. Maybe give it a name like "Gift Voucher" or "Gift Certificate". Then you might create "Amount" options for the product and specify values like "$5, $10, $25, $50, $100, etc".
  • In the Gift Voucher configuration you identify the product you created as a Gift Voucher. Now, any time an order is placed for one of these products a "Generate Gift Voucher" button will appear on the admin order page. Clicking this button will automatically generate Gift Vouchers for each of the qualifying products in the order. The amount of the gift voucher will match the amount of the Gift Voucher product they purchased. If the "Auto Email" option is enabled, the customer will be e-mailed the Gift Vouchers and can begin redeeming them immediately.
  • To redeem the voucher, the customer types in the gift voucher code during checkout. Depending on how you have Gift Vouchers configured, the balance of the gift card can be applied towards shipping as well as tax. If the customer still has a total due after applying the gift voucher balance then they continue checkout as normal. Otherwise, a "Free Checkout" option appears where they can continue checkout without having to make further payment. Any remaining balance left on their gift voucher can be used for future purchases. The customer can see the remaining balance of their gift voucher by entering their voucher code into the Gift Vouchers sidebar module.

    Login: demo / demo

The demo store is automatically restored every 2 hours so please feel free to make any changes you wish in order to test the extension.

OpenCart Compatibility

  • v1.4.7
  • v1.4.8
  • v1.4.8b
  • v1.4.9
  • v1.4.9.1
  • v1.4.9.2
  • v1.4.9.3
  • v1.4.9.4

Need Gift Vouchers for v1.5.x?


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