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Improved Search

Improved Search
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Model: EXT-IS
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Improved Search Improved Search Improved Search Improved Search Improved Search Improved Search Improved Search Improved Search Improved Search Improved Search
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This extension will dramatically improve your store's search functionality.

    Login: demo / demo

The demo store is automatically restored every 2 hours so please feel free to make any changes you wish in order to test the extension.


  • Enhanced Search allows your customers to find what they are looking for with much more accuracy. By enabling Enhanced Search, you have control over the ability to have the extension automatically correct misspellings or match similar sounding words. If you wish, search terms can be entered in any order or be forced to match the exact phrase only. Plural and singular versions of keywords can be included automatically and your customer can even see manufacturers and/or categories that match their search terms as well.
  • Search Within additional fields other than just product name. Additional fields include model, description tags, sku and even UPC (UPC searching is v.1.5.x+ only).
  • Search Reporting will keep track of the searches your customers are making and easily allow you to see the most popular search terms or which searches aren't providing any results. By checking the search reports often, you can adjust your products as necessary to make sure your customers are finding them!
  • AJAX Search allows your customers to preview search results automatically as they type! Completely customizable to allow you to enable or disable images, descriptions, model numbers and/or price with ease.
  • Optimize your searches by creating database indexes to speed up search results.



Due to all of the algorithms necessary to enhance the search results, performance can degrade greatly when dealing with a large number of products. If your store has over 5,000 products and/or categories, it is very likely that you will have to disable the following features:

  • Enhanced Search: Correct Misspellings
  • Enhanced Search: Match Similar Sounding Words
  • Search Within (All fields you do not absolutely need)


OpenCart Compatibility

Software Version 1.1

  • v1.4.7.x
  • v1.4.8.x
  • v1.4.9.x
  • v1.5.0.x
  • v1.5.1.x
  • v1.5.2.x
  • v1.5.3.x
  • v1.5.4.x
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