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Amazon Product Ads Feed

Amazon Product Ads Feed
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This extension will add a product feed in for Amazon Product Ads, allowing you to easily submit your products for inclusion in their Product Ads program.

Product Ads is a cost per click advertising program that puts your products in front of millions of customers. As a seller, you simply upload your product catalog and set your daily budget. Amazon will then display your ads in highly targeted placements throughout the site. When customers are interested in buying your product, they click through to your website and purchase the product directly from you.

    Login: demo / demo

The demo store is automatically restored every 2 hours so please feel free to make any changes you wish in order to test the extension.


  • Simply upload and go, no core files are modified
  • Automatically uploads the product feed to Amazon using FTP
  • Product feed will contain as many of Amazon's fields as possible

OpenCart Compatibility

  • v1.4.7
  • v1.4.8
  • v1.4.8b
  • v1.4.9
  • v1.4.9.1
  • v1.4.9.2
  • v1.4.9.3
  • v1.4.9.4
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