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Product Manager
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Model: EXT-PM
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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Product Manager Product Manager Product Manager
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This extension will make your products much easier to manage by allowing you to edit products directly on the product list page. In addition, you can show, hide and edit a number of additional columns. It nearly turns your product list page into a spreadsheet!

    Login: demo / demo

The demo store is automatically restored every 2 hours so please feel free to make any changes you wish in order to test the extension.



  • Comes with vQmod file for plug and play installation!
  • Edit products directly on the product list page. Update prices, model numbers, manufacturer and more. Set as a featured product or enable/disable the product with the click of a button.
  • Manage products within a certain store, or view products in all stores. The store tabs at the top of the Product Manager make it easy!
  • Filter products by one or more categories by using the Advanced Filter
  • Easily show and/or hide columns from the list. Want to see the manufacturer? Just enable the Manufacturer column. Tired of waiting for images to load? Turn off the Image column.
  • Search box automatically filters as you type. Filter by Product Id, Name, Model, SKU, Location, Price, Cost, Status and more.
  • Copy, CSV and Print buttons allow you to copy the rows to your clipboard, export them to a CSV file or print them with the click of a button!
  • Preloads data so you can switch pages even faster.
  • Sort any field by clicking on the column header.
  • Automatically remembers your column, sorting and other preferences.
  • Allows you to easily change the number of results per page.
  • Validates fields appropriately. Prices and quantities should be numbers afterall. 

Show / Hide Columns

  • Product Id
  • Image
  • Image Filename (Editable)
  • Product Name (Editable)
  • Manufacturer (Editable)
  • Model (Editable)
  • SKU (Editable)
  • UPC (Editable) (OpenCart v1.5+ Only)
  • EAN (Editable) (OpenCart v1.5.4+ Only)
  • JAN (Editable) (OpenCart v1.5.4+ Only)
  • ISBN (Editable) (OpenCart v1.5.4+ Only)
  • MPN (Editable) (OpenCart v1.5.4+ Only)
  • Location (Editable)
  • SEO Keyword (Editable)
  • Weight (Editable)
  • Weight Class (Editable)
  • Out Of Stock Status (Editable) (OpenCart v1.5+ Only)
  • Tax Class (Editable)
  • Reward Points (Editable) (OpenCart v1.5.x+ only)
  • Price (Editable - Calculates and updates Price w/Tax)
  • Price w/Tax (Editable - Calculates and updates Pre-Tax Price) (OpenCart v1.5.1.3+ only)
  • Cost (Editable) (OpenCart v1.4.x Only)
  • Quantity (Editable)
  • Minimum Quantity (Editable)
  • Viewed
  • Is Featured? (Editable) (Temporarily removed in v1.1)
  • Subtract Stock? (Editable)
  • Requires Shipping? (Editable)
  • Status (Editable)
  • Date Added
  • Date Modified
  • Date Available (Editable)
  • Sort Order (Editable)

OpenCart Compatibility

Software Version 1.5.1

  • v1.4.8
  • v1.4.9.x
  • v1.5.0.x
  • v1.5.1.x
  • v1.5.2.x
  • v1.5.3.x
  • v1.5.4.x
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